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The Blue Dot Gallery is a division of Klim Art Since 1977

From the depths of outer space, our planet Earth is a magnificent blue dot.
Teeming with a diversity of people, engaged in the events of life.
Of celebrations and mournings, of passionate love and the longing thereof.
Surrounded by beauty, haunted by its absense. Blessed, tormented.
Of joys, and hardships. Rollercoastering!

And from all of this, ART.
As varied in style, subject, colour and emotions, as the people raging over the planet.

Welcome to just a small sampling of the art of our world. To be sure, as an art gallery wishing to do commerce, our goal is to excite you, displaying art that you will want for your home, your office, for the spaces that you look upon. But, it is also part of our goal that this is "art for earth's sake".

Welcome to our journey.

Welcome to the Blue Dot Gallery.

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