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Dan Partouche

Dan Partouche was born in Tiaret, Algeria on January 18, 1936, the third of ten children. His father was an artist, specializing in jewelry manufacture and goldsmithing. As a child at an early age, he showed an interest in the intricate, delicate detail of his father's filigree necklaces and earrings. In elementary school his imaginative illustrations of chilren's fables caught the eye of his teachers. In secondary school and during his activities with the youth movement in which belonged(La Gordiana) he became involved in designing and decorating theatre sets. At the age of eighteen he immigrated to Israel and joined the settlement of Chanita, a Kibbutz in the western Galilee, magnificently situated on a mountain slope overlooking the Mediterranean. There, he divided his time between his painting and his new community. When the holidays came, he decorated the communal dining hall, adorning its large glass windows with drawings of biblical themes. When he was twenty six, and studying at the "Avni" Institute in Tel-Aviv. Mr. Partouche founded a group of young Israeli painters whose works were influenced by such artists as zaritski, Streichman and Stimatzki.

At the age of thirty, Mr. Partouche received a scholarship from the Israeli Ministry of Culture to further his art education. He went to the School of Saint Martin in London, where he studied silk-screening. On his return to Israel, he taught at the Centre for Art Studies in Hadera, a satellite of the University of Tel-Aviv. He was named the secretary of the Association of Kibbutz Artists and founded the first Kibbutz Art Gallery in Tel-Aviv.

In 1979, in Paris, Mr. Partouche won first prize in an art competition organized by the Centre Malraux.

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