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Anna Razumovskaya

Looking at Anna Razumovskaya's works you always getting a feeling of artist sole tension behind the painting... "romanticism" is the word to describe Anna's works...interlacing of a quiet tones with the bright color impact at the end is the trade mark of the artist...abstract elements is the big aspect of every artwork and, in a combination with the sensual dynamics, creates an unforgettable experience for the viewer.

Anna graduated from Russian State University for Arts (high-class artist) in 1991. From 1992 to 1995 studied art in Germany, Belgium and Holland. She had solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Toronto, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin. There are many of Anna's works in private collections in the USA, Canada, Austria, Holland, France and Australia.

Anna’s works include many techniques such as: watercolor, oil, acrylic, silk.

"...If an artist were asked what he was thinking of while creating his work, he would hardly give a reasonable answer to that question. This process can not be analyzed. It is like a miracle.

You are just drawing and that is all... simply not thinking of anything definite. The moment you start thinking... and that's it- unnecessary stroke, unnecessary detail. God knows how it all happens. Pleasure, passion, joy here are characteristics of this process.

Quickly, easily, brightly: this is the way I draw, the same way I live. My art is a reflection of my life, a reflection of myself..."

Anna is represented by Klim Art and The Blue Dot Gallery.

Well Fitted Dancing With a Violin 2 Sense Of a Woman 1 Sense Of a Woman 2
Scent Of a Woman 3 Dancing with the Violin 3 A Palo Seco
Flemenco Modern Venus 2 Scent Of a Woman 4 Rhapsody of Red 2
She Dances in Beauty 3 Dancing With a Violin 1 Love Story The Red Shoe II
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