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Eduardo Monteagudo

Eduardo was born in Fuentealbilla, a small rural village in Albacete, the heart of La Mancha ( Spain). His childhood was spent in this part of the Spanish backcountry surrounded by vineyards and cereal fields, land of open horizons and clear skies.

He is the son of Philippe Monteagudo and Carmen del Berro, painters of deserved reputation and well known all over Spain. Their reputation as artist formed in Paris where they first met. Seeking for a calmer place to raise their family they moved back to Spain, settling in Fuentealbilla.

Eduardo grew up among canvases and in permanent contact with nature. He clearly remembers the days his father took him and his brothers outside to paint the fields or the nearby villages by the river like Alcala del Jucar. He paid attention to his parents as they worked and grew to love art, translating life into colors and brush movement.

He studied at Albacete and then proceed studies in Art at Cuenca, Spain.

Not satisfied with the lack of activity of his hometown and seduced by the contemporary concepts of today's art he decided to travel to Paris to seek his own path. It was in Paris that he met artists who become a definitive influence to him. They introduced him to different points of views on life, art and living. He worked hard and lived the bohemia way of today's Parisian eventually getting a grant from La Mairie -the City Hall of Paris- to produce exhibits of his work, like the "Salon des Artistes Europeens" and "Reencontres".

After spending two years in Paris Eduardo moved back to Spain where he continues to search, experiment and, of course, return to Fuentealbilla, his beloved homeland where his heart and his art have always belonged.

1996 Sala de Bancaja. Albacete, Spain.
1997 Casa de la juventud. Tarancón, Cuenca, Spain.
1997 Centre culturel Chateau Landon. Paris, France
1998 Centre Culturel Belleville. Paris, France.
1999 Ludlow Garage,"Life and circumstances". Cincinnati,Ohio. USA.
1999 Galeria Derenci Castellón
2000 Flowers and Beyond. "To be and not to be" Cincinnati, Ohio. USA
2000 Cervantes Institute. Chicago. USA. "Four spanish painters"
2001 Haldor Topsoe headquarters in Lingby. Denmark.
2001 Flowers and Beyond. "Never ending beginings".
2001 Delegacion de Cultura de Albacete. Show with Carmen del Berro (mother).
2002 Marquette Gallery, Madeira. Ohio, USA.
2003 Kiwanis Club Art fair at Montgomerty, Ohio. USA
2003 Marquette Gallery, Madeira. Ohio, USA.
2004 Cincylatino Art Show. Hosted by Procter and Gamble. Cincinnati, Ohio.USA
2004 Annie Bowling Gallery. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA.
2005 Burr Ridge Hotel Mariott. Chicago. USA
2006 Klimart Gallery Toronto. Canada.
2008 Sala de la Diputacion de Castilla la Mancha. Albacete, Delecagión de Cultura. Spain.

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