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Serge Firer

Serge Firer was born in Gorky, USSR, in 1954. As the son of an artist, he began his art career with Gorky Art School studies for which he received high honours, and proceeded by working in the Artistic Fund since 1973, participating in numerous important exhibitions in Russia.

The year of 1990 marked Firer's departure from Russia, to embark upon a new life and continue his successful career, a career which has always been characterized by versatile artistic sense and style. In the former Soviet Union, Firer's style was naturally influenced by Socialist Reform.

At a later stage the cast of Firer's paintings became more diversified, following a geometric-abstract tendancy. Upon immigration to Canada the artist developed an individual style influenced by Western modes and drawing upon all of his talents. In bold colours he combines city buildings, screens and geometrical shapes with graphic figures sporting pink, merry maskes - grotesque images from ancient cultures.

Serge Firer was a guest etching instructor at the renowned Beaux Arts Bezalel. He is influenced by French impressionists like: Monet, Renoir, and contemporary American artists such as Rauschenberg. Currently Serge works on a series of etchings on the theme of Carnival.

He chose this theme to celebrate the new spirit of freedom that enabled him to bring his creativity to new spheres of optimism and artistic exploration.

Serge Firer was introduced to the International Art World by Klim Art Publishers Ltd. in 1994. Since then he enjoys growing popularity in numerous countries.

My Memory Reminicences Jerusalem Window Bloom
Dragon Enigma
Duet 1 Duet
Triumph Celebration
Nordic Poem
Double Window Single Window    
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