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Alex Shtelman

The art of Alex Shtelman is that of colour, texture and imagery of outrageous dreams and whimsical fantasies. The captivating combination of a heavily textured surface, in his paintings, with the bright colours seem to animate the mystical characters and propel them to waltz in the eyes of the beholder. The style is contemporary with defined roots in Russian tradition.

"...an empty canvas is in front of me similar to an empty stage before the performance starts. There are only a few people around and I begin to hear the echos of approaching footsteps and the sound of rustling petticoats. The show then begins...

I am not looking for a complicated script. My paintings remind me of my dreams, pieces of my dreams or dreams of long ago. I cannot abstain from the art. A mysterious presence is nudging me to the easel and it whispers the beginning of the act into my ear.

When I try to communicate with my heroes in the play, they ignore me, instead, I take part as a member of the audience. At times I try to judge these plays as objectively as possible but my heroes come and go - the canvas is the only witness to the play.

At first glance my heroes may look peculiar and grotesque but everyone takes flight in their dreams and everyone has watched marionettes perform. They look like they are in control of their own lives but if not for the wires which move them, they would descend from the stage and become one of us.

Sometimes I feel like one of these dolls and I feel that I am performing a script previously written for me. When another show come to an end I leave the stage and I become part of the audience and, again, the canvas is the only witness to the play..."

Jaffa Blue Face Blue Horse Drop of Wine
Girl and Goldfish Cello Musician Maestro Blue Trio
Carnival Bath Tea Party
Morning Organ Player Red Fish Washing her Hair
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