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Reng Gang

Reng Gang was born in 1979 in Inner Mongolia, China. He discovered his passion for art at an early stage in his life. He was accepted to Inner Mongolia Art and Design Institution, and successfully graduated from later in 2000.
Reng received the first award for his artwork “Earth” in the Inner Mongolia Art exhibition. His oil paintings “Morning” was selected to exhibit in the United Exhibition of China and Taiwan.

His art is shown in Toronto, Canada and Shanghai, China respectively. Now, he is enjoying a successful career as a freelance artist specializing in landscape and still life.

His art for him is a way of life, confidence, peace, freedom, contours and colours. Gang’s art is a mixture of original purity and intense rhythm. Gang’s sense of colour, free but precise style, makes his paintings a real enjoyment and refreshment.

Represented in Canada by Klim Art Gallery and The Blue Dot Gallery

Cafe Field with Poppies Winter Landscape Blue Parasols I
Blue Parasols II      
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